New Release

RAF08212 Star Leech

Deadly beast from the depths of space

New Release

RAF08207 Totem of many Spirits

Wild Spirit

New Release

RAF08208 Ghost

New Release

RAF08209 Thing in the Fog

New Release

RAF08211 The thing in the well

New Release

RAF08224 Bloody tongue Elder one

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Your Canadian source for Reaper in Canada.

We manufacture most of Reaper's lines in metal and carry Bones and Reaper's paint lines. Whether your a Retailer or just shopping for that miniature that best suits your RPG our combined RAFM and Reaper lines will get you what you need.

In our Extra's section you'll find useful information such as scenarios and painting guides for RAFM games and miniatures. Plus sneak peeks at upcoming releases and occasional videos of how things get made.

Check out RAFM's top selling miniatures ranges. From our 15mm sci-fi range to our award winning Cthuhlu miniatures. RAFM's lines continue to expand.