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  Based on the Universal Soldier Miniatures Rules, DEATH IN THE DARK is a fast paced game set in the dungeons and caverns surrounding the under ground holdings of Arkonis. More then just a simple skirmish game, DEATH IN THE DARK pits parties of Dwarven prospectors and adventurers against the forces of the Vanir and their terrible spider Minions. Featuring a wide variety of weapons from muskets to crossbows, to flame-throwers and magic. The game requires a keen sense of tactics to maximize the effectiveness of your Troops. Campaign rules allow you to improve your troops stats and equipment, while making the consequences of each battle far reaching. Lots of scenarios are included as well as out of dungeon encounters and events. Rules excluded for mercenaries and hired guns allow players to customize their troops and have a surprise ready for the next game. Other Races also available for play.

The game comes as a boxed set, with everything you need to start playing immediately.

Box Contents:
6 Dwarven Bumertruppen
1 Dwarven Oberst (sergeant)
1 Flammjager
1 Vanir Sorceress
1 large spider
2 medium spiders
ten small spiderlings
Full color card stock counter sheets
Dungeon floor map
Card stock walls and corridors
164 page rule book with scenarios
6 six sided dice

Some assemble required



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