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Indian Chiefs & Shamans
Code: RAF06101
Price: $8.95
Indian Chiefs (Personalities)
Code: RAF06102
Price: $8.95
Huron Warriors
Code: RAF06103
Price: $8.95
Iroquois w/Weapons
Code: RAF06104
Price: $8.95

Iroquois w/Muskets
Code: RAF06105
Price: $8.95
Code: RAF06106
Price: $8.95
Canoe & Indian Paddlers
Code: RAF06112
Price: $8.95
Trade Canoe w/Indian Paddlers & Trade Goods
Code: RAF06113
Price: $9.95

Canoe & European Paddlers
Code: RAF06114
Price: $8.95
French Canadian Militia
Code: RAF06117
Price: $8.95
Coureur de Bois w/Musket
Code: RAF06118
Price: $8.95
Settlers w/Muskets
Code: RAF06119
Price: $8.95

Pages: [1] 2 3

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