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Small Packet Pricing Tables

Silver Fox productions / RAFM Miniatures mails its packages using Canada post. Additional information on shipping times and services available can be found at the Canada post website. When possible all packages are sent by airmail. The table below shows rates for packages with the column highlighted in yellow represents the normal costs of shipping our parcels. These rates are set by Canada post and not by RAFM.COM

Should your order exceed the shipping charge for air mail the parcel will be sent by surface mail. You can request special shipping for your order.

Australia & New Zealand
Shipping rates to the Pacific regions is now only by tracked parcel only. This is required due to Paypal security and so customers can track thier orders. As such pricing will reflect this cost. 
For additional funds we can ship your order by air but be aware that the charges set by Canada post are high. Packages start at $47.00 and go up depending on the service.

Special Shipping for your order
At any time before shipping of an order the customer may contact us by email or phone and request special shipping methods. Special shipping methods require us to weigh and measure your box to be submitted to Canada post to calculate the price. That price is generated by Canada Post, not RAFM.COM. We will then contact you and advise the customer of the rates and methods available so you can make the best decision for your order.

*Over sized items
Some items offered through our site exceed these prices and the amounts charged through our store software. Should your order exceed normal shipping rates we will contact you with the additional cost of shipping and provide for you the same information we receive from calculating your postage with Canada post.

RAFM.COM calculates shipping charges based on invoice value. The table below shows each shipping charge in reference to the final amount of an orders invoice. We have tried to balance this with postage rates to give the customer the best price possible.

Invoice value shipping charge added
$25.00 $13.50
$50.00 $13.50
$75.00 $19.50
$100.00 $21.00
$150.00 $21.00
+ $0.00